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o       Media Culture, New Media Art, Cyberspace Reality, Theory of Art, Gestalt, History of Science 



o   Art and Culture of Digital Age 

o   New Media  

o   Art History and Theory

o   Gestalt for Artists and Art Theory

o   The Concept of a Brushstroke in Painting

o   Film Aesthetics

o   Icon Painting



  • Planning, organizing and teaching college courses in Studio Art, Art History, Film and Cultural Studies
  • Creating Syllabuses
  • Developing multi-media teaching concepts
  • Using up-to-date class equipment
  • Evaluating students' progress
  • Adjusting curriculum and teaching style to the students' needs
  • Mentored struggling students regarding course materials and other academic issues
  • Organizing and monitoring podium and roundtable discussions
  • Organizing and monitoring extracurricular activities
  • Managing online classes and Blackboard software




             Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ  /   May, 2016


o    Master in Liberal Studies  

o    Graduated summa cum laude

o    Related coursework: Visual Culture in the Age of Digital Reproduction. Film History and Theory. History of Ethics.  Cultural       Studies


           Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA /   May 2012


o     BA in Art History  

o     Graduated magna cum laude

Specialized in Contemporary Art, Art History and Theory, Art and Science


             Ludwig Maximillian University, Munich   / March 1986


o      AA in German Studies   


             Art Studio Michael Moroz, Munich  /   several periods from 1970s to 1980s 

         Practical training in the art studio of sculptor and icon painter Michael Moroz


             Robert Koch Institute, BGA, Berlin     /       March 1982

        Cert. Bio-science 


            State Department of Education, Berlin   /    1980 - 1988  

         Various pedagogical training courses for the instructors in Berlin's System of Adult Education 


              Art Studio Frey Herman, Berlin /    1978 - 1979

         Training in graphic design and painting


                 Art High School, Moscow, Russia   /    1969 - 1972


Teaching Experience


             Instructor/ SUNY, Utica, NY/ 2000 - 2001

o   Teaching and course organizing in Senior Learning Program


             Adjunct Professor / State College Castle Glienicke, Berlin / 1980 - 1989

o   Curriculum development, planning and organizing courses, teaching, organizing extra-curriculum activities, public relations

Designed and taught courses: 


   European Controversy:  Classicism vs. Romantic

   Castle Glienicke: Prussian Romantic Garden Architecture

   Icon Painting for Beginners


   Aesthetics of Film Art

   Interpretation of Classic Literature in Art

   Andrei Tarkovsky, His Philosophy and Films

   International Culture Seminars


               Lecturer / Victor Gollancz Community College, Steglitz / 1984 - 1992

o   Curriculum development, planning, organizing and teaching courses




     Painting classes from beginners to advanced

     Film Aesthetics and Gestalt courses

     Studio Art for Seniors

     Exploring Museums and Exhibitions in Berlin


                Lecturer / Film and TV Academy, Berlin / 1983 - 1984


     Andrej Tarkovsky  and His Films


Published Books

v Media Culture: Art Communication Technology (author, 2017)


v Andrei Tarkovsky about His Film Art (author, 2008)

o      Reviewed: Nosthalghia.com

o      Adopted in the academic bibliography of the Film and Media Department at the   University of Chicago

o      Special Presentation in the Film Program, the School of Arts, VCU (2009)


v Airship Mail Catalogue (author, 2005)

o      Received  Gold Medal at the APS National Literature Exhibition


v Zeppelin Airships in WWI (author)

o      Received  Silver Medal at the APS National Literature Exhibition


v Der Man mit dem Goldhelm und doch Rembrandt (author, 1993)

o      Reviewed: Tagesspiegel, Berliner Zeitung, Morgenpost 

o      Accepted in the library of Amsterdam University, German National Kunstwissenschaftliche Fachbibliothek, the library of the Rijksmuseum Museum, Amsterdam


Research Papers


  Visual Culture in the Age of Digital Reproduction (TS, ASU)

  Social and Cultural Tabooisation of Knowledge (TS, ASU)

  The Ethics of Color from the Medieval Age to the Twentieth Century (TS, ASU)

  Implementation of Gestalt in Formal Theory of Visual Culture (TS, ASU)

  The Relativity of Film-time (TS, ASU)

  Emotional Power of Geometric Forms (TS, VCU)

  Citation of Paintings in Films of Andrei Tarkovsky (TS, VCU)

  Roy Lichtenstein: His Concept of a Brushstroke (TS, VCU)

  Two Paradigms: Medieval and Renaissance Art Philosophies (TS, VCU)

  The History and Meaning of Madonna Maesta Canon

  Historiography of Attribution of Rembrandt Self-portrait C-56 (TS, VCU)

  Cultural Meaning of Einstein's Relativity Theory (TS, VCU)


Awards and Honors


The Honor Medal of the Greek Orthodox Church (1986)

Various medals at APS National Literature Exhibitions

Entree and four-page article in Berlin Book 1989

Academic Achievement Awards (2012-13)

Phi Kappa Phi membership since 2011


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